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Everything You Need to Know About Pod Vapes

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Pod vapes have revolutionized the vaping industry with their compact size, simplicity, and convenience. As with any vaping device, there are pros and cons to consider. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of pod vapes, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Make Sure The Pod Vape is Refillable

It is crucial to choose a refillable pod vape like the excellent Voopoo Vinci POD. Avoid closed systems like JUUL as they are cheaper to run in the short, medium, and long term. With a refillable pod vape, you have the freedom to select your preferred flavor and nicotine strength. Closed pod systems, on the other hand, are expensive to maintain and limit your choices in terms of flavors.

JUUL, valued at approximately $16 billion, owes its success to its extensive distribution network and the use of closed pods, which allows for higher profit margins on all sales. A pack of four JUULpods costs $15 and provides about 8ml of juice.

In contrast, at the VapeBeat E Juice Store, you can purchase 30ml bottles of Nic Salts E Juice for $19.99. Similar options are available elsewhere, offering more variety, flavors, and better value for money when using an open pod system such as the UWELL Caliburn. This ultimately leads to a more satisfying vaping experience, both in terms of flavor and overall value for money.

Battery Life is SUPER Important

Due to their compact size, many pod systems feature small batteries, typically around 250-300mAh. This capacity is quite tiny, especially for heavy vapers who require longer battery life. For instance, the JUUL has a small battery that only lasts about two hours, which is quite disappointing.

To ensure you have sufficient battery life throughout the day, it is crucial to always check the battery rating when choosing a pod system. It is recommended to opt for a device with a minimum rating of 600mAh or higher. This will provide you with a longer-lasting battery that can accommodate your vaping needs throughout the day.

Removable Coils Are Great

All of the pod vapes that I prefer to use come with replaceable coil heads. This feature allows me to buy different types of coil heads, such as MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DTL (direct-to-lung) sub-ohm coils, and switch up my vaping style throughout the week. I find this flexibility to be highly beneficial and enjoyable.

However, it’s worth noting that occasionally you may encounter faulty coils, similar to what can happen with vape tanks. For instance, my FreeMax AutoPod, which utilizes refillable pods with coils built into them, has never given me any issues. The coils integrated into the pod consistently deliver excellent performance.

On the other hand, while the SMOK Nord is a fantastic pod vape, you may experience the occasional defective coil head, which can be frustrating. The replaceable coils that attach to the device’s pod offer versatility but can sometimes be hit or miss. If you desire a reliable and consistently excellent coil performance, I highly recommend the FreeMax AutoPod.

Adjustable Voltage & Other Settings – Do You Want Them?

Pod vapes have made significant advancements in the past 18 months. They now come in various shapes and sizes, offering features like chipsets for advanced functionalities such as temperature control vaping, variable wattage/voltage, and coil recognition. Incorporating a chipset allows for greater customization of power delivery, resulting in a tailored vaping experience. If you desire these advanced features, pod vapes like the GeekVape or Lost Vape Orion DNA would be excellent options, as they are among the most advanced hybrid pods available.

However, if you prefer a simple yet exceptional performing pod vape, the FreeMax AutoPod is highly recommended. It excels in terms of performance, ease of use, and flavor production. When it comes to overall satisfaction and reliability, the FreeMax AutoPod is hard to beat.

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Pods Are Great For Stealth Vaping

While I enjoy using an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) like the next person, there are times when I prefer not to produce massive clouds. For instance, when I’m with friends or out for a night, I find using a pod vape more suitable. Pod vapes offer a discreet vaping experience and are less likely to draw attention or cause issues with non-smokers and individuals opposed to vaping.

For frequent travelers, pod vapes make an excellent companion. They can be used on trains and planes without much hassle. However, it’s important to note that vaping in these locations is against the law, so discretion is advised. If you feel the need to vape while traveling, it’s best to use a discreet pod vape that produces smaller amounts of vapor, allowing you to enjoy your vaping without causing disruption or attracting unwanted attention.

They Take Up Less Room In Your Pocket

Vape mods offer precise control and high power output, making them versatile devices capable of accommodating various atomizers, from RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) to MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) rebuildable tanks. However, due to their larger size, they can take up a significant amount of space in your pocket. That’s why I prefer taking pod vapes with me when I go out for the night or travel.

With pod vapes, you have fewer things to worry about. There’s no need to think about coils, wicks, or coil-building tools. You also don’t need a separate battery charger for your 18650 batteries. Furthermore, pod vapes are compact and don’t occupy much space in your pocket or bag. All you need is a microUSB charger and some spare pods, and you’re all set for days or even weeks of vaping.

Generally, They Cost Less To Run

Pod vapes are specifically designed for Nic Salts E Juice, which typically has a higher nicotine concentration. This means that technically, you should vape less when using them. The potency of Nic Salts E Juice, with some bottles reaching up to 55mg, allows for a satisfying hit from just a couple of drags.

When using my RDAs and vape tanks with 3mg E Juice, I often find myself craving more to satisfy my nicotine cravings. However, with a pod vape using 20mg Nic Salts E Juice, I am perfectly content with taking a few puffs every 30 minutes or so.

In the long run, this results in saving on E Juice costs as you consume much less, and you may find yourself vaping less frequently. Technically, this is the expected outcome. However, it’s important to note that some individuals still consume 20mg Nic Salts E Juice at a similar rate to 3mg E Juice, as personal preferences and tolerance levels can vary. Nevertheless, in principle, using stronger Nic Salts E Juice should lead to reduced overall consumption.

Closed-Pod Systems Are The Work of Satan

JUUL, valued at $16 billion, has achieved its success by tightly controlling its system. This means users are limited to using JUUL’s own, often overpriced e-juice with no alternative options. For vapers, this can be frustrating, akin to having a TV with only a few channels.

Closed systems, such as JUUL, are considerably more expensive to maintain. They lack innovation in terms of design and features and tend to create more problems than they solve. If you value choice, the ability to select your preferred flavors, and saving money, it is best to avoid closed pod systems like JUUL. Opting for open systems provides greater flexibility, variety, and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

If The Pod Breaks, You’re Done

Vape products, in general, are not known for their durability. They often break quite easily, which is why it is advisable to get a good warranty if possible. With a vape mod, certain components like the door or the 510 pin can sometimes be fixed. However, when it comes to pod vapes, the chances of repairing them are slim.

Pod vapes are all-in-one (AIO) devices, which means that if something breaks, it tends to render the entire device unusable. Unlike vape mods, pod vapes are not easily disassembled for repairs or soldering, and it is not possible to revive a faulty battery. Therefore, if you choose to use pod vapes, it is recommended not to spend too much money on them, ideally no more than $30.

The reason for this is that there is no need to invest heavily. Most of the pod vapes listed in my “most recommended pod vapes” table, except for the Lost Vape Orion DNA, retail for around $30 or less. Since they are inexpensive, it doesn’t matter much if something breaks after 9-12 months, as the cost of replacing them is not significant.


In conclusion, pod vapes offer a range of benefits and considerations for vapers. By understanding the pros and cons, such as refillability, battery life, coil options, adjustable settings, stealth vaping capabilities, portability, cost-effectiveness, and potential downsides like closed-pod limitations and pod failures, you can make an informed decision when choosing a pod vape that best suits your vaping preferences and lifestyle.

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