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Review of the Innokin Coolfire Z60 kit

Introducing a brand new kit from Innokin, a renowned Chinese manufacturer! The launch of the remarkable Coolfire Z60 kit has taken the vaping community by storm. This exceptional package includes an integrated battery box capable of delivering an impressive 60 W of power, accompanied by the innovative Zlide Top clearomizer. Notably, the Zlide Top marks the brand’s maiden venture into top airflow designs. This all-inclusive kit is truly a game-changer.

New opus

The Coolfire Z60 kit represents a significant evolution from its predecessors, the Z50 and Z80 kits. Boasting a built-in 2500 mAh battery, this compact box mod offers effortless usability and incorporates useful features to enhance the lifespan of coils. However, what truly propels the Coolfire Z60 to new heights is the introduction of the manufacturer’s latest clearomizer, the Zlide Top.

Technical specs

Mod dimensions 75 x 36.6 x 27.2 mm
Mod weight 128.5 g
Battery size Built-in 2500 mAh battery
Charging USB-C
Maximum power 60
Max. atomizer diameter 25
Modes available Watts, volts
Clearomizer dimensions 50.5 x 24.5 mm
Clearomizer weight 66 g
Clearomizer volume 3 ml
Range of use 9 to 40W
Filling Top fill

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • Spare tank
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • Drip tip
  • User guide

Practical box

The Coolfire Z60 box features a spring-mounted 510 pin at the top. This thoughtful design allows seamless compatibility with the included Zlide Top clearomizer that comes with the kit. However, it’s worth noting that the box can also be paired with atomizers up to 25 mm in diameter, accommodating a maximum power output of 60 W.
The fire button of the Coolfire Z60 is cleverly positioned atop the screen, slightly raised by approximately 1 mm. Its beveled design features an elegant metal ring that encircles it discreetly. When pressed, the button emits a satisfying yet subtle click, providing a clear indication of activation. The overall assembly is clean and well-crafted, exhibiting no overhang or sharp edges.
Located on the side of the Coolfire Z60, alongside the fire button, you’ll find a vibrant color screen, accompanied by convenient “+”” and “-” buttons for easy navigation. Additionally, there is a USB-C port available, enabling rapid charging. With its timeless design, the Coolfire Z60 maintains the same aesthetic appeal as the manufacturer’s previous models, showcasing a classic and enduring style.
To access the menus on the Coolfire Z60, simply press the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. This comprehensive device offers a range of menu options, including variable wattage, the Refresh function, and the Coil menu + (featuring wattage and voltage settings). The Refresh function serves as a handy tool to eliminate any e-liquid buildup on the coil, functioning similarly to a pre-heater. The menus are thoughtfully designed for efficiency, cutting straight to the chase without unnecessary complications. As a result, the Coolfire Z60 caters to both beginners, thanks to its user-friendly menu access, and advanced users, with its exceptional performance and advanced features.

Clearomizer that doesn’t leak

The Coolfire Z60 kit brings an exciting surprise with the inclusion of the Zlide Top clearomizer, marking Innokin’s first foray into top airflow designs. Beyond technicalities, this innovation primarily ensures a dependable and leakproof clearomizer for everyday usage. The sole air inlet is located at the top of the Zlide Top, allowing air to enter and redirect it to the bottom where the coil is positioned. This intelligent design eliminates leaks that often occur due to temperature fluctuations or coil deterioration.

With a 3 ml capacity, the Zlide Top is particularly suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping, akin to the experience of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. For those who prefer direct-to-lung vaping, a larger 4.5 ml bubble tank is included, offering a more suitable option.

The kit includes two coils, including the new 0.6-ohm Z-Coil. Both the 0.3-ohm and 0.6-ohm coils feature Duo Prime technology, employing a dual mesh strip to enhance e-liquid saturation of the wick. During our testing, we chain-vaped at the recommended maximum power for each coil and witnessed no signs of premature wick drying. This is definitely a notable advantage.

The 0.3-ohm coil operates optimally between 30 and 40 W, while the 0.6-ohm coil performs best at a power range of 9 to 13 W. The Zlide Top accommodates various vaping preferences, allowing for discreet indirect draws or producing satisfying clouds up to 40 W.

Moreover, the Zlide Top is compatible with the entire Z-Coil range, offering a selection of 8 different coils tailored to diverse vaping styles.

In terms of vaping experience, the Zlide Top proves to be a delightful surprise. It effortlessly transitions from a tight draw to an airier vape by simply swapping the coil. The airflow adjustment is efficient and precise. The flavors it produces are pleasant, and by modulating the airflow, you can achieve either a warm or cooler vape. Whether using fruity, minty, gourmet, or classic e-liquids, the Zlide Top performs admirably. Its versatility, coupled with its leak-free design, makes it an ideal companion for both beginner vapers who have recently quit smoking and experienced vapers seeking a straightforward and efficient product.

The Coolfire Z60 box incorporates the manufacturer’s latest technologies, delivering outstanding performance while ensuring ease of use.


The Innokin Coolfire Z60 is a fantastic choice for both beginners entering the world of vaping and experienced users looking to refine their vaping experience. The box itself boasts a flawless design and is perfectly suited for power usage of up to 60 W. As for the Zlide Top clearomizer, it impresses with its leak-free performance and exceptional flavor production, whether you prefer vaping at lower wattages or desire to generate copious amounts of vapor.

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