Review of the APORESSO LUXE XR: A More Versatile LUXE X

Product intro and specs

The VAPORESSO LUXE XR is the latest addition to VAPORESSO’s lineup of AIO/pod systems. VAPORESSO has established itself as a prominent player in the vaping industry, continuously improving its products over time—a testament to their commitment to quality.

The LUXE XR serves as a slight update to the previous LUXE X model, which I reviewed a few months ago. The major difference lies in the replacement coils featured in the XR, replacing the built-in coils of the X. Additionally, it comes with two pods, each designed for different vaping styles—MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DL (direct lung). With an internal battery capacity of 1500 mAh and generous 5 mL pod capacity, the LUXE XR offers an impressive package.

Having enjoyed the LUXE X, I am eager to see how the introduction of replaceable coils impacts the performance and overall appeal of the XR.

Price: $27.99
Colors: Black, silver, pink, gold, galaxy blue, galaxy purple, galaxy red.


  • Tank capacity: 5 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Coil resistance: 0.4-ohm mesh / 0.8-ohm mesh
  • Output power: 40 watts
  • Charging Current: DC 5V/1.5A Type-C
  • Display: 3 x LED light

Kit contents

  • 1 x VAPORESSO LUXE XR 0.4-ohm mesh coil
  • 1 x VAPORESSO LUXE XR 0.8-ohm mesh coil
  • 1 x MTL pod (5 mL)
  • 1 x DL pod (5 mL)
  • 1 x Type-C cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

Build quality and design

Vaporesso LUXE XR Pod. Первый взгляд | BelVaping

The LUXE X falls between MTL and DL setups in terms of size, offering a convenient middle ground. It boasts superior battery life compared to typical MTL pods while delivering ample power for the DL coils it supports. Despite its lightweight design, the device remains highly durable.

One of the standout features of the LUXE X is its see-through case, which not only showcases the internal chip but also adds to its overall durability. As a self-professed geek, I appreciate the aesthetic appeal of transparent cases. The LUXE XR retains a similar design to its predecessor, with minor logo adjustments and new color options. It now comes in a total of seven colors, including two carried over from the LUXE X (black and silver), as well as five new additions.

The color variations feature a fade from black to transparent, complemented by a colored metal ring covering approximately one-third of the body. Among the new options are pink and gold, along with three captivating “galaxy” colors—blue, red, and purple. I had the opportunity to review the blue galaxy variant, and the combination of the design elements and the clear case creates a visually stunning appearance.

Operating the device is simple with its single-button design, where the button serves as both the power and on/off button. There are three LED lights located at the bottom front that indicate the battery charge level through breathing patterns. Overall, the LUXE XR presents itself as a straightforward stick-style pod system, but its solid construction and appealing aesthetics set it apart.

Getting started

The LUXE XR is designed to be a user-friendly pod system suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. Its operation is straightforward, requiring only five clicks of the fire button to turn the device on or off. There are no power adjustment options available, keeping the usage simple and hassle-free.

One notable difference from the LUXE X is the inclusion of two distinct pods in the XR kit—one for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping and one for DL (direct lung) vaping. The MTL pod features a narrower airflow outlet and a slimmer shape. It’s worth noting that the pods are cross-compatible between the LUXE XR and LUXE X devices, adding versatility to the system.

Refilling the pod is a breeze. The magnetic connection ensures a secure fit without any wobbling. To fill the pod, simply remove the small black rubber plug located at the bottom to reveal the fill hole. While the pod offers a clear view of its contents, the dark tint makes it challenging to gauge the juice levels. This is a common drawback among devices with tinted pods, as it hinders the functional aspect of checking the remaining juice. When the juice level is low, tilting the device becomes necessary to determine if any liquid is left, not due to the pod being covered, but due to the dark tint. Despite this minor inconvenience, overall usage of the device has been satisfactory.


The coils play a crucial role in the performance of a vaping device, and VAPORESSO has been delivering excellent coil quality in their recent pod systems. Fortunately, the LUXE XR utilizes the same coils as the LUXE X, which have been highly regarded. You can find more detailed information about their performance in the LUXE X review. These coils employ mesh technology and incorporate “COREX” innovation, claiming to enhance flavor by 50% and extend coil life by 50%. While quantifying flavor improvement may be subjective, the longevity of the coils is indeed impressive.

The LUXE XR offers two coil options, each accompanied by its respective pod. The DL (direct lung) coil has a resistance of 0.4 ohms and operates at around 30 watts, catering to those who prefer a slightly higher power range. Personally, I find these low-power DL coils to be in a somewhat ambiguous position, as they lack the intensity I desire for a true DL experience. However, if you enjoy the 30-watt range, it functions adequately as a portable and compact DL vape.

Where the LUXE XR truly excels is with the MTL (mouth-to-lung) coil, which has a resistance of 0.8 ohms and operates at approximately 16 watts. This coil delivers a satisfying medium to loose MTL draw and offers significantly longer battery life compared to traditional MTL-only pods. Additionally, the generous 5 mL capacity of the pod sets it apart from the standard 2 mL capacity found in most MTL-only pods. For many users, this combination of extended battery life and ample e-liquid capacity makes the LUXE XR a viable all-day vape option.

Battery life and charging


For MTL users, the LUXE XR offers sufficient battery life to last throughout the day without requiring frequent charging. The internal battery has a listed capacity of 1500 mAh and a charge rate of 1.5A. The Type-C charging port is located at the bottom of the device, which means it needs to be laid down during charging. While this may not be a significant concern, personally, I prefer devices that can stand upright while charging.

During my testing, I found that the actual charge rate reached a maximum of 1.18A, which is a decent rating considering that most companies tend to round up their ratings slightly. The charging time for the device is approximately 61 minutes, which is average for pod systems, as most devices can be fully charged in about an hour, give or take a few minutes. In terms of battery size, it falls slightly under the listed 1500 mAh, measuring around 1200 mAh. However, it’s worth noting that many devices are typically rated about 20% higher than the actual capacity they provide. In this case, the LUXE XR’s rating is slightly over 20%, which is in line with the industry standard. Nonetheless, a more accurate rating would be preferred. The device does support passthrough charging, allowing you to vape while it charges.

The LUXE XR is essentially the same device as the LUXE X, although during my testing, I obtained slightly higher mAh measurements with the LUXE X. However, it’s important to note that battery performance can vary among individual devices, so realistically, you can expect around 1150-1250 mAh from the LUXE XR. Nevertheless, this is still two to three times the capacity of a standard MTL-only pod, providing you with an extended vaping experience.

The three breathing LED lights act as a battery meter:

  • Three lights: 60-100%
  • Two lights: 30-60%
  • One light: 0-30%

I was a bit disappointed to see that the LUXE XR features a four-step battery meter, especially considering that a recent device I reviewed, the GEN AIR 40, also had four steps. The industry standard for battery meters in most devices has been three steps, so it felt like a regression to the norm. While this may be a personal preference, I would have liked to see VAPORESSO continue with the four-step meter, as it provides more precise battery level indication.

Pros / Cons

  • Great build quality
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Replaceable coils (less cost)
  • See-through case makes it look awesome
  • Great pod capacity (5 mL)
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Seven color options (Galaxy ones are really pretty)
  • Can choose between MTL and DL by swapping pods
  • Good flavor from both coils
  • Great life from the 0.8-ohm coil
  • Charges fast enough (65 minutes)
  • Great battery life with the 0.8-ohm coil
  • Passthrough vaping
  • Pods are tinted too dark
  • Battery slightly overrated
  • Charge rate slightly overrated (1.19A)
  • Three-step batter meter (four steps are better)


Overall, the VAPORESSO LUXE XR is a fantastic device that builds upon the success of the LUXE X. With the ability to swap coils instead of replacing the entire pod, it offers cost savings and reduces waste. The performance is comparable to its predecessor, making it a reliable option for MTL vaping.

If you prefer a medium-loose MTL draw and desire a compact device with long-lasting battery life, the LUXE XR is an excellent choice. It truly shines in this aspect. While it can also handle low-wattage DL vaping, it’s particularly well-suited for those seeking an all-day portable MTL device or beginners looking for a straightforward vaping experience.

If you’ve tried the VAPORESSO LUXE XR pod, we’d love to hear about your experience with the device. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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