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The Best Vape Juice Flavors

Determining the best vape juice flavors is subjective and can vary depending on personal taste preferences. However, there are some widely loved and highly recommended flavors that consistently rank among the top choices for vapers.

So, which vape juices made the cut? What’s the most popular e-liquid flavor on the market? We conducted a poll that received nearly 2,000 votes from everyday vapers, and these were their top choices for the best vaping flavors available.

Boosted by Boosted E-Juice

Boosted E-Liquid - Winner of Our Top 10 E-Juice Flavors Poll

Boosted E-Juice’s flagship flavor dominated our poll with a staggering 591 votes, making it the most popular e-liquid flavor and capturing nearly 20 percent of the total vote. It even surpassed the “Other” category, which represents the countless juices not included in our shortlist.

Boosted E-Juice, based in Denver, Colorado, was founded by experienced vaper Cory Vigil in late 2013 to early 2014. Leveraging his expertise in creating delicious food, Cory crafted mouth-watering vape juice flavors that garnered rave reviews from initial testers, leading to an exponential increase in demand.

Boosted is the fourth creamy strawberry e-liquid to make it into our top 10, which speaks volumes about the preferences of the vapers who participated in our poll. The goal was to capture the authentic flavor of a strawberry milkshake reminiscent of a 1950s-style diner, and both elements of the flavor shine through, with an excellent balance that leans slightly towards the creaminess.

In reviews, vapers frequently deem Boosted as an all-day vape, and it’s challenging to find anyone who didn’t adore it. While there may be a few dissenting opinions somewhere, the consensus among vapers is overwhelmingly positive. With over 500 reviews, Boosted maintains an impressive 4.5/5 rating on Giant Vapes, solidifying its status as a must-try e-liquid and deserving winner of the best vaping flavor, as determined by our readers.

Boosted is available in five nicotine levels (0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml) and features a PG/VG ratio of 40/60. You can purchase a 60 ml bottle for $22.99, equating to a cost of 38 cents per ml. Given its distinction as the top vape flavor on the market, it’s undoubtedly worth the investment.

No. 32 by Beard Vape Co.


Dessert vape juice flavor with notes of cinnamon, funnel cake

Beard Vape Co., established in 2014, quickly made a name for themselves in the e-liquid industry with their lineup of juices that featured numbered names and exceptional flavors. Number 32, a part of their lineup, has secured a spot on our list of the most popular e-juice flavors due to its nostalgic funnel cake flavor.

This juice captures the essence of a cinnamon funnel cake incredibly well, evoking memories of carefree moments from your youth. The sugary cinnamon undertones elevate it from a standard e-juice to something truly remarkable. While it may not appeal to everyone, if you enjoy dessert-style juices and have an affinity for cinnamon, it’s definitely worth a try. Number 32 features a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 (70% VG) and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, or 6 mg/ml. A 60 ml bottle of Number 32 is priced at $15.99.

Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny


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