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The REAL Cause of Your Vape Coils’ Shorted Life

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Vape juice flavors have become incredibly delicious, with e-liquid manufacturers creating flavors that resemble popular treats and beverages. To accommodate the sweeter e-liquids, vape coils have advanced, utilizing new technologies like mesh strips to produce larger clouds of vapor. However, these advancements come with a trade-off: coils burn out more quickly than before.

If you’ve noticed that your vape coils don’t last as long as they used to, it’s not a coincidence. The increase in sweet e-liquids and the higher power demands of modern coils contribute to their shorter lifespan. It can be frustrating to experience a burnt taste in your vape when you’ve just broken in a new coil. Understanding this relationship between e-liquids, coils, and coil lifespan can help you manage your vaping experience more effectively.

Sucralose Is the Thing That’s Killing Your Vape Coils

Sucralose, an artificial sweetener commonly found in e-liquids, is the culprit behind the shortened lifespan of your vape coils. When heated, sucralose caramelizes and leaves behind a black residue that accumulates on the coil, affecting its performance and flavor. This residue buildup not only leads to a burnt sugar taste but also reduces the coil’s longevity. To combat this issue, consider using e-liquids with reduced sweeteners, cleaning your coils regularly, or exploring alternative coil materials or designs that are less susceptible to sucralose buildup. By understanding the impact of sucralose on your vape coils, you can take steps to extend their lifespan and enjoy a more satisfying vaping experience.

Cleaning Your Gunky Coils Allows You to Reuse Them

Cleaning your gunky vape coils can be time-consuming but worthwhile for restoring their performance. Sucralose residue can be removed by soaking the coils in hot water for several hours, periodically agitating them. Alternatively, the ROBO2020 automatic coil cleaner offers a convenient and efficient solution by cleaning and drying coils automatically with water. After cleaning, give the coils a final rinse and allow them to dry for a day before reusing them. Cleaning your coils allows you to extend their lifespan and enjoy a better vaping experience without the unpleasant taste caused by residue buildup.

Switching to Unsweetened E-Liquid Can Increase Your Coil Life

To solve the issue of coil gunk, you have two options. First, you can clean your coils to reuse them, extending their lifespan. Alternatively, you can switch to unsweetened e-liquids that do not contain sucralose. Although sweetened e-liquids are popular, unsweetened options are available and offer a different vaping experience. Using unsweetened e-liquid allows you to enjoy hassle-free vaping for longer periods, as it reduces the likelihood of coil gunk. Additionally, you may be surprised to find that many vape juices still have a sweet taste without sucralose, and switching to unsweetened e-liquid can enhance the clarity of flavors that might be masked by sucralose.

Changing Vaping Devices Can Reduce Your E-Liquid Consumption

If you prefer not to clean your coils or switch to unsweetened e-liquid, another option is to reduce the amount of e-liquid you use by switching to a device that produces less vapor. By transitioning from a direct-to-lung setup to a mouth-to-lung pod system, you will consume significantly less e-liquid. Keep in mind that you will need to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine hit. Despite using sweetened e-liquid, using less e-liquid will prolong the lifespan of your coils, resulting in longer-lasting performance.

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